VINCENT BACH 'Elkhart' compact single F

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Maker: Vincent Bach International


Model: Elkhart 100FFH


Type: ¾ size single F 

Bell throat profile: Small

Alloy: lacquered yellow brass

Visual / cosmetic condition: good, with the usual very small

dings, and slightly blemished lacquer in a few obvious places.

Valve compression: good

Mouthpiece: Vincent Bach #3, gold plated

Duck's-foot: installed in place, currently lacking its small                               retaining screw.

Case: lightweight hard case with side pocket.

Further details:  this very good Bach version of a 'Kinderhorn'

sits very comfortably in the hands of a small young player.

As a traditional F horn, rather than a harsher-sounding trombone-length Bb horn, it is highly recommendable as an ideal beginner instrument that encourages the production and development of the true F horn sound.


NB: This horn is currently housed with its owner in Daventry, UK.

Contact information can be provided on request.

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accepting no responsibility as a principal.


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VINCENT BACH 'Elkhart' compact single F