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Maker: ENGELBERT SCHMID, Mindelzell, Germany


Model: ES1


Serial number: 11038


Type: Lacquered yellow brass full double in F/Bb or Bb/F.

As with all Schmid double horns, the design incorporates a detachable 'H' piece on the main tuning slide. When this is removed, the horn is in F#/B natural or B natural/F#.


Detachable 'Medium' spun bell flare.


Overall condition: Very good. The horn has been played only as an occasional spare for several years, so it has had very light use. There is some lacquer wear on the 1st and 2nd valve slides, and some very slight scratches to the bell's lacquer. The horn was fully serviced very recently.


Weight: 2.15 kg


Case: Marcus Bonna MB5.


NB: This lovely horn is currently with its owner

in Dublin, Ireland.

Contact details can be provided on request.




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