HOLTON 'Farkas' H279 with H280 bell, as new

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  The HOLTON H279 is a generalised Kruspe copy, broadly similar but not identical to a Conn 8D.

  Designed by Philip Farkas, the legendary former 1st horn of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, it has a more compact shape, an independent Bb tuning slide and a much easier high register than an 8D.

  This superb horn has a mellow, open, resonant response and an excellent, liquid legato. Its characteristic 'default sound' has a medium-bright, ringing tone colour, with brilliant overtones and excellent projection.

  The H280 brass bell recently fitted to this horn gives a warmer, more mellow sound than the H279 nickel silver bell, although its overall dimensions are identical.


 Key: F/Bb

Pitch: A=440-442

Alloy: nickel silver body, 1st branch and valve section; yellow brass bell and leadpipe. Its formerly patchy lacquer was professionally stripped, and the horn polished and fully overhauled in the workshop of ARTISAN HORNS, London.

Rotor compression: very good

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Case: Thomann, screw-bell, backpack straps, lightweight.

Cosmetic/Visual/Overall: excellent, 'as new'.


 The instrument plays beautifully over the whole range, with an excellent high register, and has a very comfortable, compact left hand position. It is an ideal upgrade from e.g. a Holton 378 or Yamaha 567.


  This horn is currently with its owner, Artisan Horns, Mill Hill, London. Contact info can be supplied on request.


  NB: Price comparison: A brand new Holton H279 or H280 currently costs (best discount price) £5628.

  Our current used horn as described above costs less than 42% of that.


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HOLTON 'Farkas' H279 with H280 bell, as new