DEHMAL VIENNESE HORN with rotary valves

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Made in VIENNA, Austria

Type: 5 valve compensating double in F / Bb / A(+)
Bell throat profile: Medium
Bell diameter: 12 inches
Bore (cylindrical): 11.7mm
Alloy: gold brass
Bell flare: detachable; however, the threads are rather fragile so I recommend that the flare should stay in place, as a fixed-bell horn.
Lacquer: generally quite good apart from a few spots and blemishes on the bell flare, and some areas of missing lacquer where repairs have been carried out.
Visual condition: good apart from the above.
Valve compression: good
Case: new lightweight case with back-pack straps.

Further details: Anton Dehmal established his firm in Vienna in 1883 after training with Leopold Uhlmann from 1875-1882. 

The inscription on this horn’s  bell throat reads ‘Ant. Dehmals Nachf’ (‘Nachf’ or ‘Nachfolger’ means ‘successor’) ‘Wien VII Breitgasse 1'.
According to the New Langwill Index, a comprehensive dictionary of wind instrument makers by the late William Waterhouse, this horn must have been made by FRANZ KLIMESCH (1882-1957) who succeeded Anton Dehmal in 1907.
A brand new gold brass Alexander 103 leadpipe was fitted less than a year ago, replacing its formerly damaged original pipe.

Despite the very small central bore (11.7mm) this horn makes a surprisingly full, rich sound, (as one would expect from a Viennese horn!) and it has an excellent high register in particular.
Its hollow rotors make it very lightweight indeed: 2.2kg / 4lb 14oz.

NB: this horn is currently housed in Norfolk, UK; its owner's contact details can be provided on request.

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DEHMAL VIENNESE HORN with rotary valves