SCHERZER double compensator with manual A/E valve

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Maker: SCHERZER, Augsburg, Germany


Type:  compensating double in F/Bb with a

manual rotary tap for E/A, customised by

Artisan Horns' installation of their 'AH1' hand-

made nickel silver leadpipe with its resonance-

enhancing receiver and unique venturi system.


Bell throat profile: M-L

Alloy: unlacquered gold brass

Bell flare: fixed

Valve compression: very good

Visual/cosmetic condition: generally very good.



Further details: a superb player all-round. It

has been totally reconditioned, customised and

overhauled in the Artisan Horns workshop,


 Its rather small cylindrical bore (11.85mm),

combined with the unique custom leadpipe, seems  give a

concentrated focus to the sound and a tangible

clarity in the high register.

A lovely horn in every way, and not at all



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SCHERZER double compensator with manual A/E valve