PAXMAN 'STUDENTI' Compensator in excellent condition

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Model: ‘STUDENTI’  


Type: compensating double in F/Bb


Bore/throat: medium


Alloy:  lacquered yellow brass.


Cosmetic condition: very good overall. The lacquer is almost entirely unblemished, apart from some very slight wear on the hand guard, leadpipe and bell flare.


Weight: 2.45 kg


Valve compression: excellent.

Case: Paxman, bright red fibreglass, very protective.


Further details: The Paxman 'Studenti'  is


1)  a recommendable 'beginner to intermediate'



2) a definite  upgrade from a ‘mini' or ‘kinder horn’;


3)  an ‘improver’ instrument, up to about Grade 8,

for a young   player.


 An interesting, useful 'technical bonus' is that the domes of the rotor caps incorporate small adjusting screws that allow for the adjustment of the inevitable up-and-down play of the valves, due to their usage over a period of time.

A very small screwdriver is needed for this purpose.


   This 'iconic' horn plays beautifully over the

whole range. It comes with a Yamaha silver

plated mouthpiece in fairly good condition.


The Paxman 'Studenti' is invariably

recommended by most teachers.

It is not as heavy as some less expensive

intermediate compensators, and its thumb valve can

be reached and operated easily, even by quite a

small left hand.



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PAXMAN 'STUDENTI' Compensator in excellent condition