PAXMAN Studenti

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Model: ‘Studenti’  

Type:  F/Bb compensating double

Bore / Throat: medium

Alloy:  yellow-brass

Bell flare:  fixed

Lacquer: 80% OK

Valve compression: excellent

Visual/ cosmetic condition: very good, with only one or two ‘almost invisible’ dings.

Weight: 2.1kg

Case: hard case in good condition. Alternative new lightweight cases with back-pack straps are available for £45-£60.

Mouthpiece: a very good silver plated mouthpiece that is a generic copy of a Yamaha mouthpiece.

Further details: An excellent ‘starter’ instrument for a beginner; or maybe a logical upgrade from a ‘mini horn’/ ‘kinder horn’; also, an ‘improver’ horn for the more advanced player up to about Grades 7 and 8.  

It has a comfortable, rather small left hand position compared to some broadly similar, but rather inferior, less expensive horns such as the ‘Anborg’ compensator which requires a large left hand.

It plays with a round and sonorous tone, with excellent intonation and very easy pitching.

 This model has an almost ‘Iconic’ status, and is maybe one of the finest ‘Beginner to Intermediate’ compensating double horns ever made.

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PAXMAN Studenti