'JOHN GREY' compensator

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'Maker': JOHN GREY


Type:  F/Bb compensating double

'John Grey' is a 'stencil' name; the horn was

probably made in Italy by Kalison, Orsi or

Rampone & Cazzani.  


 Similar fictitious maker's names often found on this

model include: Alliance, Anborg, Buisson, Getzen

and Viking; there may be others.


  The general design of this type of

compensating double horn, dating back to at least

65 years ago, incorporates a 4th / 'change' F-Bb

valve that is notorious in its lever's rather

inconvenient placing for 'small to medium'

sized hands.  However, there are some occasional

exceptions to this flaw.


Bore / Throat: medium

Alloy: unlacquered yellow-brass; nickel silver rotor caps

Bell flare:  fixed

Valve compression: good

Visual / cosmetic condition: the horn ‘has seen a lot of use’ but is in good mechanical condition. This is reflected in its VERY inexpensive price.

Weight: 2.49 kg

Silver plated mouthpiece in good condition.

Further details: a basic and selectively useful beginner instrument.

Its 4th / thumb valve, although not ideally placed,

is slightly easier to reach than on some other

examples of this type.


The horn comes with a hard case that is quite bulky and

heavy; various inexpensive alternative options are




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'JOHN GREY' compensator