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'Maker': 'F. BUISSON'


Type:  F/Bb compensating double,

incorporating the Paxman 'Studenti' 4th valve


'F.Buisson' is a 'stencil' name; the horn was

made in Milan, Italy, probably by Anborg, Kalison, Orsi or

Rampone & Cazzani.  


 Similar fictitious maker's names often found on this

model include: 'Alliance, Getzen, Danor, Ambassador and

Viking'; there may be others.


  The general design of this type of compensating 

double horn, dating back at least 65 years,

usually (but not in this case)  incorporates a 4th /

'change' F-Bb valve that is notorious in its lever's rather

inconvenient placing for 'small to medium' sized


However, the recent ingenious modification to the

tubing of this horn incorporates a different

'routing' of the tubes near the 4th valve, so that it can

be reached much  more easily by the thumb of a young



This re-designed layout makes the horn quite similar (but not

identical) to a post-1980 Paxman 'Studenti' compensator;

(earlier Studentis still had the old Anborg thumb lever, almost

impossible to reach and operate easily by a small left hand).


Bore / Throat: medium

Alloy: lacquered yellow-brass.

Bell flare:  fixed

Valve compression: good on the Bb side; 'OK' but slightly leaky

on the F side.


Mouthpiece: PHC 23 cup with gold plated rim.


Visual / cosmetic condition: the horn ‘has seen a lot

of use’ but has hardly any dings or blemishes.


Weight is slightly on the heavy side: 2.56 kg


Distance from finger hook to 4th valve lever: 10.7 cm;

 NB: This is an important specification that is often neglected or overlooked by horn sellers and even some teachers. The small hands of a young player sometimes simply cannot cope with a left hand stretch that is too wide (although there is usually some scope for a brass technician to slightly move either the finger hook, or, less easily, the 4th valve lever).



Further details: included is an old, much-repaired hard case,

 visually rather shabby but still functional.



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