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Maker: PAXMAN 


Model: ‘STUDENTI’  


Type: compensating double in F/Bb


Bore/throat: medium


Alloy:  unlacquered yellow brass.


Cosmetic condition: good, with a few very minor dings,

having no effect on the horn's playing.

The brass is rather tarnished in several places,

but can be restored to a shine by brass

polish and 30-40 minutes of moderately hard



Distance from finger hook to 4th valve lever: 10 cm.

This is an important specification that is often

neglected or overlooked by horn sellers and even

some teachers. The small hands of a young player

sometimes simply cannot cope with a left hand

stretch that is too wide (although there is usually

some scope for a brass technician to slightly move

either the finger hook, or, less easily, the 4th valve



Silver-plated Yamaha mouthpiece in good condition,

ultrasonically cleaned.


Weight: 2.45 kg


Further details: The 'Studenti'  compensator was

Paxman's 'flagship' Intermediate horn during the

period from approx. 1979-1995, when it was

discontinued, an unfortunate 'victim of its own

success' in terms of its financial viability compared

to the high workshop cost of making it. 

 Used examples in good condition, such as this one,

are currently highly regarded and recommended by

many teachers. 


This iconic horn plays beautifully over the


whole range, and is totally recommendable.


  A large, very protective but heavy case is included with


this horn; various inexpensive alternative case options


are available.


The 'Studenti' compensator is:

1) a definite  upgrade from a ‘mini' or ‘kinder horn’;


2)  an ‘improver’ instrument for a young player, up to

    about Grade 8.



An interesting, useful 'technical bonus' is that the 'domes'

of the rotor caps incorporate small adjusting screws that

allow for the up-and-down play of the valves, an expected

and inevitable result of their usage over a period of time.


PRICE COMPARISON: A London retailer is currently

 selling Paxman Studenti horns (admittedly rather

'prettier in appearance' than our current one) for




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