YAMAHA 'Custom' 801 Vienna horn

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Model: ‘Custom’ 801, VIENNA  HORN –  made in Vienna – despite the Yamaha name!

These ‘custom’ Vienna horns were made by a single craftsman, in this case the Austrian maker Rudolf Fröschl, now retired.  He obtained the tubing and a few premanufactured parts from Japan. Altogether he made a total of ONLY FORTY of these wonderful horns. 

Type: single F horn with original F crook and Viennese double-piston valves.

Bell throat profile: medium

Bore (cylindrical): 11mm – the ‘official’ Viennese bore

Alloy: Yellow-brass

Bell flare: detachable, hand-hammered,  with nickel-silver garland (‘kranz’) 50 mm in width.

Valve compression: excellent

Weight: 1.98 kg / 4 lb 6 oz

Case: Yamaha luxury ‘suitcase’ in excellent condition.

Further details: A ‘really special’ Vienna horn with no ‘bad notes’ and a lovely, warm and singing ‘built-in’ sound.  A totally superb instrument – probably the finest Vienna horn I’ve ever played, and as accurate in the high register as any Bb horn.

Its crook has been fitted with two ‘Joykeys’ and there is one on the horn body. It comes with a Josef Klier Viennese  mouthpiece engraved

“JK EXCLUSIVE  WH 1C  Votruba Wien”.

Overall, a beautiful, flexible horn with a tangible ‘personality’ and the well-known, legendary Viennese characterful ‘projection’ of sound.


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YAMAHA 'Custom' 801 Vienna horn