ENGELBERT SCHMID single Bb/A+/C alto

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Type: single Bb/A+/C alto.  

Alloy: lacquered gold brass; the mouthpipe is unlacquered gold brass.

Bell throat profile: ‘M'

Bell flare: ‘M’, gold brass, hand-hammered, detachable, silver plated on the inside.

Duck’s foot / ‘flipper’: there is no finger hook; however, once you get used to supporting the horn on the duck’s foot, it gives a nice ‘free’ feeling to the finger operating the 3rd valve.

Lacquer: in very good condition.

Visual/ cosmetic condition: excellent

Valve compression: excellent

Weight: 1.81kg/4lb 

Case:  Marcus Bonna semi-rigid lightweight detachable-bell case in very good condition.

Further details: Probably the ‘classiest’ single Bb/A+ horn on the planet, this beautiful, elegant, amazingly lightweight instrument has the superb advantage of the ‘magic valve’: C alto, giving a whole range of more secure high note fingerings without having to resort to a Bb/F alto or Bb/Eb alto double horn and its extra weight.

Dennis Brain's 'final' Alexander Bb/A+ horn had a C alto valve.

If I were to attempt to describe the playing qualities of this lightweight, truly fantastic horn, I would soon run out of superlatives!

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ENGELBERT SCHMID single Bb/A+/C alto