HUETTL F/Eb single, rotary valves

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A rich-toned and very solidly made German silver-plated F horn with a 'medium-large' bell throat.

The ingenious layout of the main tuning slides at the 'back' of the horn permits the horn to 'stand' in either F or E flat depending on which way round the slides are inserted.  There is enough potential 'pull' on the 3 valve slides that the instrument can be played 'in tune' as an Eb or F horn.

Visually / cosmetically the instrument has retained about 85% of its silver plate and it has its fair share of slight ‘non-invasive’ dings and scratches.

The maker's name is actually 'HÜTTL' but this website's 'title' box scrambles the German 'umlaut', hence the alternative spelling of the name as 'HUETTL' further up the page.

A lovely horn for a beginner as it is very free-blowing. I was surprised to discover that its central / cylindrical tubing bore is a rather small 11.8mm!  Its original case, included in the sale, is unremarkable, spartan but still functional.  The horn comes with a silver plated Hüttl mouthpiece in good condition.

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HUETTL F/Eb single, rotary valves