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Maker: Robert ENGEL, Vienna

Alloy: Unlacquered yellow brass

Bell: Fixed

Bore: 10.8 mm
Case: hard case
Other Details:  this Robert Engel Wiener Horn with two F- crooks is in excellent condition. It has a Kranz (Garland) and comes with a hard case. The original F-crook is by Engel and comes with a perfectly fitted Wiener Mouthpiece by Joseph Klier.The other F-crook is by Haagston, with the possibility to adjust the mouthpiece gap and have a perfectly fitted mouthpiece.
The Engel horn was part of the heritage of the late Professor Josef Veleba, one of the superb Principal horns of the Wiener Philharmoniker and professor of horn at the Wiener Musikakademie.

It is currently housed with its owner in Amersfoort,

Nederland / The Netherlands. He bought this horn from one of Mr Veleba’s former students. He is selling, he writes, “because I am still playing too much high horn and wanted to use this horn for the low horn parts. Somebody should play this horn. The horn will be polished before shipping. Last maintenance was done in December 2017 by Klaus Fehr.”  The owner’s contact details can be provided on request.
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