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Maker:  C.G.CONN

Model:  possibly a very early 2D (or maybe there was an even earlier ‘1D’?

Type:  F single with rotary valves

Bell throat profile: medium-large

Tubing bore/ internal diameter: 11.89mm

Alloy: unlacquered silver plated brass

Bell flare: fixed

Weight: 2 kg

Visual/ cosmetic condition: ‘has seen much use’, with a few minor dings and scratches, but these are purely cosmetic issues that have no effect on the horn’s playing qualities. Maybe 70% of the silver plate is OK and intact.

Valve compression: good for its age.

Lovely floral engraving on the bell throat.

This fascinating early Conn F horn is ‘a piece of history’. I would ‘guesstimate’ its age at pre-1900, although unusually for a Conn, it has no serial number.  It plays very well indeed, with a round, rich sound. Its recently refurbished main tuning slide, with a single loop, puts the horn in F, but its other double looped slide gives D! This is puzzling since the 3 valve slides can’t be pulled out far enough to give good intonation in that key. An ‘enduring mystery’ and a horn that would be a great acquisition for a 'Conn loyalist' ( a 'Connorak?)

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