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A lovely gold-brass Alexander Model 90-1.


It has a compact detachable F extension with a manual

rotary ‘tap’ that switches between the F extension

and A+/A. 

The F extension provides a very well-tuned middle G and its lower octave, plus, of course, most of the F horn's 'missing' pedal notes, via some ingenuity with the fingering. This is necessary in order to compensate for the Bb horn's valve slides, which are obviously too short for the F horn.

There is also a separate A slide with a detachable ‘H’ piece

for A+.


This very lightweight horn, dating from the mid-to-late 1960s, plays with a concentrated, warm and velvety sound, a big dynamic range, a wide tonal palette and an impressive fluency over its entire range.


There are a few very insignificant cosmetic dings and some lacquer loss (mostly worn off where the bell has evidently been rested in the lap, and in the area of the nickel-silver hand guard) but nothing that affects the horn’s excellent playing qualities. There is one small expertly-applied patch, 15mm x 15mm, reinforcing the outer bell rim.


The horn comes with its original very compact Alexander ‘crocodile effect’ case, in 'well-used' condition.


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