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A superb Paxman Model 40 Bb/A+/F alto, made in 1985:  Medium bore, in lacquered yellow brass, with fixed bell-flare.

This is the 'classic' Paxman descant horn, in the older (superior!) layout as designed by the late, great Richard Merewether, and copied by both Holton and Conn (USA).  Dick Merewether in his later years was a great evangelist for 'Medium' rather than 'Large' bore, although, paradoxically, his first bell design for Paxman in the late 1950s and early 1960s was for a 'large' bell very similar to the Kruspe bell but with that bell’s rather abrupt ‘corner’ smoothed out.

  Our current horn is in excellent condition: acoustically 100% and cosmetically 97% (owing to some slight lacquer wear in the usual places).  It plays beautifully over the entire range, with a clear, focussed and ringing sound that nevertheless gives scope for tonal modification via skilful use of the right hand plus embouchure 'vocalisation'.

It has a particularly smooth, rounded and sweet sound on the F-alto side, blending beautifully with the Bb side so that it isn’t exactly obvious that the high F horn is being played!

If you are looking for a descant horn with a 'lean, clean, bright' sound, then this is the one for you!

 It comes in a Paxman black hard fibreglass case in good condition.

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