PAXMAN Model 40

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Maker:  PAXMAN

Model:  40X

Type:  Bb/A+/ F alto double ‘descant'

Age: made in 1977

Bell throat profile: X

Tubing bore/ internal diameter: 12 mm

Alloy: lacquered nickel silver

Bell flare: fixed

Hollow rotors, resulting in a very lightweight horn.

Water key: conventional type, on the leadpipe.

Visual/ cosmetic condition: good, with some worn lacquer in the usual places and elsewhere, and a few very minor dings and scratches, but these are purely cosmetic issues that have no effect on the horn’s playing qualities.

Valve compression: excellent

Duck’s foot

Lightweight case with backpack straps.

A very fine example of this model. I played a similar but not identical horn, but with a detachable bell flare, for 14 years as 1st horn in the English Chamber Orchestra, and I confess (admit?) that it enabled me to ‘stay in the job’! My personal ‘take’ on an X bell throat taper is that, via skilful use of the right hand, it’s perfectly feasible to simulate a Medium bell’s blowing resistance and sound quality.



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PAXMAN Model 40