KRUSPE alternative main tuning slides for A and E

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The shorter one of these 2 gold brass Kruspe slides,


(both stamped/ engraved with the number  2993) are


almost identical to the one that was supplied with the


Kruspe double horns owned and played in the


Philadelphia Orchestra  by ANTON HORNER and




The old Kruspe catalogue states


that their 'Horner Model' Double horn is in F, Bb, E


and A; see photo #2.


The Horner and Jones slides (brass and nickel


silver respectively) can be seen in photo #3, which is


copied from the  R.J. Martz web site


(as is photo #2) :



Martz's web site does not show a separate E slide, such


as can be seen in our photos 1, 4 and 5. 



I was recently contacted by Jonathan Ring, of the SFSO,


USA, regarding these slides.  Interestingly, he wrote that


on a Kruspe 'Horner' model double horn, only the main


tuning slide is needed to lower the entire horn a


semitone;  the other slide lowers the F horn


only on a Kruspe 'Wendler' model compensator. 



These 2 ingenious slides make the 'fingering' of certain


works much easier to play e.g. the Weber Concertino;


Spohr Octet in E; Danzi Sonata in E; Schubert 'Auf dem


Strom', and Rossini's 'Prelude, Theme and Variations' in


its original key of E.




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KRUSPE alternative main tuning slides for A and E