E flat hand horn crook, made in China

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E flat CROOK, low pitch, by GBMS, 


made in China





•  Fits GBMS hand horn receiver perfectly. Tenon fits about

     halfway into Webb or older Paxman crook receivers


•    Plays at  A 440 with the GBMS horn


•    Plays at A 435-A430 with conventional length, shorter               hand horns, e.g. Webb or Paxman


•   Outer diameter of tenon at narrowest point: 12.75 mm;

      13.5mm diameter, 2 centimetres further up the tenon.


•   Inner diameter of tenon 11 mm


•   Removeable mouthpiece extension/adaptor giving a                     choice of playing resistance


  Can be lowered to play at D (A 440 pitch) if enough                 length of tuning slide can be pulled out


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E flat hand horn crook, made in China